World Beer Awards 2019

The annual World Beer Awards are among the most prestigious beer prizes in the world, the 'Olympic Games of the beer world'. For the first time in years our brewery participated in the World Beer Awards. We registered 4 of our beers, which earned us no less than 5 medals.

Abt 12 won gold in the 'Belgian Style Strong' category and our St.Bernardus Wit was awarded a silver medal in the 'Belgian Style Witbier' category.

Prior 8 and Tripel are Country Winners (one step higher than the gold medal) in their respective 'Belgian Style Double' and 'Belgian Style Triple’ categories. Our Prior 8 and Tripel can now be called the best ‘Dubbel’ and ‘Tripel’ in Belgium for one year. At the end of last year, St.Bernardus Tripel also won the gold medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge for best 'Belgian Style' Tripel.

And it’s not all, on top of that the Prior 8 received the highest distinction in its category, namely ‘World's Best Dark Belgian Style Dubbel'. Prior 8 not only became a Country Winner, but also a 'Style Winner' worldwide, in other words, the world’s best ‘Dubbel’ beer! This also means that the Prior 8 can get even further this fall, since it will compete for the title of 'World's Best Dark Beer'. The results will be announced in September.

World Beer Awards

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St.Bernardus Day 2019

On Tuesday, August 20, we celebrate 'St.Bernardus Day'. Maybe the ideal moment to meet up with friends, colleagues or family and enjoy a glass of Heavenly Nectar together? Don't forget to capture your St.Bernardus moment with a selfie or photo, accompanied by the hashtag #stbernardusday ;-)

Do you run a bar yourself? Do you wish to organise something on St. Bernardus Day? Through the link below you can download artwork and visuals for both online and offline purposes.

Download posters & artwork

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Magnum 2018

Since 2012 we have produced a limited number of 1.5 litre bottles, our Magnums. To create this special edition, the Abt 12 is bottled into a special dark brown St.Bernardus magnum bottle on which the brewery logo is printed in relief. It also comes with a Bière Belge bottleneck, a branded cork and a unique muselet, the wire cage around the cork. Each edition of the labels on these bottles has been designed by a new artist, and all of their art works are kept in the brewery’s art collection.

This year’s design is an artwork of the Belgian artist Kamagurka. The screen printing of the artwork ‘De Regenpijp’ on the bottle makes this Magnum very unique. Together with the editions of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 it becomes a true collector's item.

Kamagurka is a Belgian cartoonist, theater- and televisionmaker and allround artist. He's known for his absurd cartoons and tv-shows. As a succesfull painter he has been exhibited in several galleries in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

St.Bernardus Magnum 2018

Gold medal - BBC 2018

Our St.Bernardus Tripel was voted best (Belgian Style) Tripel during the Brussels Beer Challenge. The BBC is an annual international beer competition that competes for the title of the best beer. Each beer from the participating brewers is carefully checked and tasted by a professional jury of 80 internationally renowned beer experts.

Brussels Beer Challenge

Brussels Beer Challenge 2018 - St.Bernardus Tripel 2018